A Aa is not lady-oriented movie: Samantha

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - 16:15

Recently, Samantha has become Trivikram's favorite actress. After blockbusters 'Atharinitki Daaredi' and 'S/o Sathyamurthy', Samantha has acted for third time under his direction in 'A Aa' which hits the screens on 2nd June 2016 worldwide. Known for her stylish avatar and beautiful smile, the petite beauty is gung ho about playing the role of Anasuya Ramalingam in the film. She is also in the thick of rumors about her marriage with a Tollywood hero. She speaks about her career, her hits and failures and personal life in this interview..

Is 'A Aa' a female-oriented subject?
It of course is not. The thing is when a heroine has a strong place in the story, people tend to suggest that a film is lady-oriented. 'A Aa' is a kind of story where there are strong characters. It doesn't meant that the film is lady-oriented.  

Are we going to see a new Samantha here?
I have tried serious and romantic roles, but not comedy. It's very difficult to pull off comedy. That's why I respect comedians a lot. I have tried it for the first time in 'A Aa'.

The trailer almost shows on what lines the story of 'A Aa' is. Is it a formulaic film?
I wouldn't claim that 'A Aa' is a new story altogether. It's a well-narrated film which deals with emotions and family relationships. Although the story is not new, I never felt even for a moment that it's cliched. I am very confident that the audience will love it and when they come out of the hall, they will have a smile on their faces.  

You have had big releases this Summer - Theri, 24, Brahmotsavam and now A Aa. Is this film still important for you?
It's a crucial one for everyone of us seen in the film. The characters have been etched to come out distinctly. In dealing with a simple line, Trivikram has shown his style of making.  

How was it working with Nithiin, who is a close friend of yours?
It's because of he being my friend that getting the chemistry right was more difficult. When we began, it was hard to get romantic. (Smiles). But Trivikram helped us with proper instructions.  

Not just Nithiin, even Trivikram is your good friend.  
(Smiles). Yes.  In fact, this film is personal, it's success is important for me because we are all friends.  Due to the rapport we share, I could act with no inhibitions.  

After 'Attarintiki Daredi' and 'S/o Satyamurthy', this is your third with Trivikram. Did you accept the role in 'A Aa' because of your previous association?
I don't go by who is my hero or director while picking my roles. Everything depends on how important my character is to the story. In 'A Aa', every character has a specific role to play. Anupama is a village girl, while I am city-bred. My relationship with my father (Naresh) is different from that with my mother (Nadiya). Working with Trivikram, I have matured as an actor. He pushes me to give my best. He has a lot of sense of humour and so, I tried to imitate him.  

As someone who takes your the result of your films seriously, are you disappointed with the fate of 'Brahmotsavam'?
The verdict of the audience is final. I respect their verdict.  

You have not always reacted to the wedding rumours.  In recent days, the rumours have only intensified. You are still tight-lipped. Why so?

My body of work is what should matter. I don't want to react (to the rumours) as I am already worked up about them, more so in recent weeks.

What are your upcoming films?

Apart from 'Janata Garage', I have not signed any movie in Telugu. I am going to act in the remake of the Kannada film 'U-Turn', which will be released in Tamil and Telugu.