I am inspired by Rajinikanth : Sumanth Ashwin

Wednesday, June 8, 2016 - 17:15

Sumanth Ashwin is coming to entertain the audience in a thriller with 'Right Right' this weekend. The film is slated for release on 10th June 2016. In this interview, the young, soft-spoken actor talks about the film's subject, why he thinks director Manu will go places, and more.  

Tell us about the USP of the movie

I am curious to know what the result of the movie is going to be. The USP of the film is the suspense, the mystery element. As it's a thriller, it's different from the regular stuff. Like 'Drushyam' and 'Kshanam', it's edge-of-the-seat thriller. Such films are always appreciated by Telugu audience. I am confident that a new film like ours will be accepted by all. Taking place in a village, the story is about a youngster who wanted to be a police officer, but ended up being a bus conductor. Nasser garu is playing the role of a village headman. The film is about what happens in such a village where communication is abysmal - there are no cell phones. The crux lies in how some unexpected incidents take place in such a village.

You are playing a bus conductor here. How did you feel when you were given the narration the first time?

Rajinikanth garu came to my mind immediately. A bus conductor is familiar to all, especially in villages. The story in 'Right Right'is set in countryside backdrop. I felt that doing such a character will work with the audience. This character will be remembered for ten years.

So, what kind of homework did you do for the role?

Director Manu made me watch a 20-year-old Mohanlal film, in which the superstar played an officer's role. Although it was not a bus conductor's role, I could learn by observing his body language rather keenly. Then I got into city buses and paid attention to the body language of conductors.  

It must have been very difficult to mould yourself to a conductor's mannerisms, etc?

It was difficult for the first two days, not later. I got used to it and enjoyed myself playing the character. I hope everyone will enjoy my character.

Manu being a senior technician, it must have been an experience of sorts working in his direction. Isn't it?

Yes, working with a technician like him gave me a high. There was a lot of kick in it. He had worked as a co-director of films starring Kamal Haasan, Mohanlal, Venkatesh and the like. He has great clarity of thought. He is going to be a big director for sure.  

How was it working with 'Kalakeya' Prabhakar?

I wasn’t comfortable for the first two days or so. Later, we both sat together and started discussing the scenes. We both resolved to do full justice to our roles. Chemistry had to be there between us and it's there in the film. It was then that we decided to attend the film's press meets, etc with our get-ups on. Thus, I am seen wearing the conductor's uniform.  (Smiles).

What was your father MS Raju's reaction after watching 'Right Right'?

After watching a movie, if he smiles, it means the film is going to be a safe bet. But if he shakes your hand, it means the film is going to be a super hit.  After watching the film, he said that it will stand out like a 'Drushyam' and a 'Kshanam'.

What are your upcoming projects?

Discussions are going on for two films. Details will be divulged once they are finalized.