I don't compromise on anything: Boyapati Sreenu

Monday, April 25, 2016 - 14:00

Boyapati Sreenu needs no introduction. Or, better say, his attitude and confidence need no special mention. In this interview, the director who plays by his own rules minces no words in saying that he doesn't let his hero interfere. He talks about 'Sarrainodu' and its successful run at the box office, projecting heroism, comedy style, and more. He celebrates his birthday today. We bring you this enjoyable talk.  

How are you enjoying the success of Sarrainodu?

I am happy that it's a super hit. The collections are rock-solid. By God's grace, I gave my best shot. I don't compromise on anything. After 'Legend became such a big blockbuster, I waited to make a film Sarrainodu.  

When it comes to elevating heroism, you are one of the best directors. Tell us about your approach.

I entirely go by who the hero is. The approach would be different for a hero like Allu Arjun and someone like Balakrishna. Allu Arjun cannot be projected like I did in the case of Balayya Babu in 'Legend'.

For example, punch lines like 'Okadi raka, okadi poka nirnayinchadaniki nuvvevaru ra' won't suit Bunny. He should be given contemporary language. But stars like Balayya Babu should behave and talk like role models. Thus, they are given inspirational lines. In Balayya Babu's case, love givvu undadu.  Thus, we have Radhika Apte's maradalu character. As for a young star like Bunny, the audience will like it if he says 'Bhale undhe figure'.  

Aadhi's character had been hyped from the beginning. How are the audience receiving it?

The screenplay technique has worked. I didn't make them come face to face till a certain point. If they come into direct confrontation, the heat will be gone. The audience have to eagerly wait for an exciting climax.

And about the comedy in 'Sarrainodu'?

The comedy has worked. The audience are laughing big-time in the cinemas. Vidyu Raman and Brahmanandam have done a great job. Even the type of comedy depends on the subject.

About punch lines in your films, how do you and M Ratnam work?

There are no hard and fast rules. We have been travelling together. We understand each other.    

You didn't speak much before the release of 'Sarrainodu'?

Yes. I always maintain a low-profile before my film's release. My film does the talking. I am not over-confident, but if I am sure that I will win the war, I don't need to talk.  

We guess you brook no interference...

I involve my heroes during the scripting stage itself. I communicate to my hero what kind of characterization I am looking at, etc. It includes body language, mindset, etc. But once a script is locked and the filming begins, I don't accept interference. Too many cooks can spoil the meal.
Why do family members have a pride of place in your films?

We are a family of 20-30 members. I have brothers-in-law, maradalus, sisters, brothers, and so on. I like the family system. Family is in the blood of Indians. It will always stay even after we become modern.

You are a big director. Then why are you doing a film with Bellamkonda Srinivas?

Yes, I have big heroes. But fulfilling one's promise is in my character. I gave them a word. After the failure of Bellamkonda's 'Speedunnodu', I am reworking on the subject for him. My film with him will be definitely like a festival.I mean to say, it will have all elements. Rakul Preet Singh is the heroine.

Are you in the queue to direct Chiranjeevi?

Chooddam. Manchide kada, sir. But I need time. I can't say that the film will be in this or that year. After the film with Bellamkonda Srinivas, there will be a film with Allu Arjun. A story is ready.