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Sunil - Shankar's film titled Two Countries

Sunil walks out of action remake

Sunil playing key role in Sye Raa

Ungarala Rambabu - Movie Review

Heavy Rush of releases this weekend

Laughter is an important emotion: Kranti Madhav

Kranthi Madhav, the director of 'Onamalu' and 'Malli Malli Idhi Rani Roju', awaits the release of 'Ungarala Rambabu' this Friday.  In this interview, he talks about what is the philosophy of the movie, and more.
What is the movie 'Ungarala Rambabu' about?
My hero is not a selfish one.  He is a miser who thinks that money is everything.  How he realizes that money is not all is what the message is all about.  

Miya George confident on Ungarala Rambabu

స‌ప్త‌గిరి వింత మొక్కు!

ఎవ‌రైనా త‌మ కోరిక నెర‌వేరాల‌ని దేవుడిని మొక్కుతారు. అనుకున్న‌ది నెర‌వేరితే త‌ల‌నీలాలు ఇస్తామ‌నో, వంద‌ కొబ్బ‌రికాయ‌లు కొడుతామ‌నో దేవుడికి కండీష‌న్లు పెట్ట‌డం కూడా కామ‌నే. అయితే అంద‌రూ త‌మ సొంత కోరిక‌ల చిట్టానే దేవుడి ముందు విప్పుతారు. కానీ క‌మెడియ‌న్ స‌ప్త‌గిరిది వేరు రూట్‌. 

Ungarala Rambabu Second trailer is impressive

 Hero Sunil has been branded as comedy hero. First trailer of his upcoming film Ungarala Rambabu hinted that, this K Kranthi Madhav directed movie too is going to be a comical entertainer. Today, maers of the movie have released a new trailer, which gave full clarity on the film and its concept. Contrary to everybody’s assumption, Ungarala Rambabu is not just a regular comedy entertainer.


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