Anupama: Money is not my priority

Tuesday, October 4, 2016 - 19:00

Anupama Parameswaran became a heartthrob when she debuted with 'Premam' in Malayalam. Then she debuted in Telugu with Trivikram's 'A Aa' that also became a blockbuster. Come Oct 7, she will have her second Telugu release 'Premam' which is remake of her debut Malayalam movie. She gets candid, sounds cool and stays calm. Read on.. 
You are reprising yourself in 'Premam'. What changes have been made to the role?

Reprising the role Mary for the Telugu version was something I enjoyed myself doing.  It was not boring to do the part. I am playing Suma in this film. There is some tweaking to suit the Telugu nativity. The atmospherics are different in the Malayalam version, it's Christian and in the Telugu version, it's Hindu. I think my character is a bit lengthier in the Telugu version. I haven't watched the film yet. 
It must have been a breeze repeating you, more so with Chandoo and Chay on board. What is your say?

Working in the movie felt like a picnic experience.  I got to work with an all-young team, just as it was the case with the original.  I am lucky to have got to work with a very friendly, joyful team. Chandoo Mondeti is very cool and makes his actors feel relaxed by assuring that he will take care of everything. Naga Chaitanya is also likewise. I was tensed before meeting him. But once I met him, I knew he was a very friendly person. I did grapple with Telugu to an extent. It was expected. 

Having got the most out of the original version, why were you still attracted to the remake?

I didn't have any reason to not do this remake. When I did the original, I fell in love with my character as well as the whole film.  Besides, the team that fell in place for this movie is really good.  I had no reason to forgo this offer.
You are seen in the same look, almost. Right?

In the Malayalam version, I am not seen wearing make-up, unlike here. But for make-up, I would have suffered tanning and allergies because of sunburns while shooting in Goa. I am seen in the same curly hair look. (Smiles).  
The role in your second Telugu movie is a far cry from the first. How do you see it?

I am happy to have debuted with a role like Nagavalli in a film like Trivikram's 'A Aa'. People sometimes come up to me and address me as either Nagavalli or Mary. The fact that these two are a total contrast makes it all the more special. When Trivikram Srinivas sir narrated me the role, I liked the arrogance of Nagavalli and did it because I knew I hadn't done it before. I am not averse to playing characters with negative shades.
What pulls you to Tollywood - is it big money?

I like to do versatile roles. Money is never my priority. Tollywood is much bigger than Mollywood, but money is not what pulls me to it. An important criterion is that the character I am playing should be pivotal to the story. 
Your upcoming movies?
'Shathamanam Bhavati' with Sharwanand is my third Telugu movie.  I am doing a Tamil with Dhanush that is titled 'Kodi'. Besides, I am doing my second Malayalam movie.