In conversation with Sardaar Gabbar Singh director

Saturday, April 2, 2016 - 13:30

Bobby debuted with Ravi Teja's 'Power' in 2014. It was a hit. He has directed Pawan Kalyan in his second movie. In this interview, Bobby talks about working with Pawan Kalyan, shooting for the film at a fast pace since January, and more.

You had only one film to your credit. How did you get this opportunity to direct Pawan Kalyan?

My debut film 'Power' was released in September 2014. A few weeks later, I got a call from Sharrat Marar garu. I didn't believe it when I was told that I would be directing Pawan Kalyan. I was in disbelief until an official announcement was made by the producers. When I went to meet him, I was thinking that it would be great if I could click a photo with him. But after 15 minutes of conversation, he told me that I would direct the movie. He was planting saplings at that time. 

What kind of preparation did you do before going to the floors?

Before Pawan Kalyan garu narrated me the story, I was scared because it has a title like 'Gabbar Singh', which was a blockbuster. It took me five months to adapt to his story. The story has to be better than Gabbar Singh's. But once I heard the story, I was very satisfied. It's a film with a huge scale. It's a film with huge commercial elements. The whole journey took more than one and a half years. The shooting was started in April 2015. The movie is releasing exactly a year later.

There are rumours that Pawan Kalyan has almost ghost-directed the movie. Is it true?
No. It's not true at all. I was given fullest freedom as a director. He did not interfere with the direction and cinematography. As a writer, he gave me inputs during filming. That's all! If my wavelength doesn't suit Kalyan garu's, he wouldn't have worked with me. He needn't bear with me. He would have had second thoughts. But we never faced any problems.

Coming to the trailer, why was it cut that way?

We wanted to tell the story in one line in the trailer itself. We could have cut it otherwise, but we chose to tell the story in a line, given the huge expectations around the film. The visual treat is reserved for the audience in the theatre. This is how Bollywood and Hollywood works. We wanted to go for that process here.

Seventy per cent of the film was shot in the last 3-4 months or so. Tell us about all that?

From April 2015 to January 2016, we shot the film at a leisurely pace. When one day, Kalyan garu asked us why the film can't be released in April, me and Sharrat Marar garu were tensed. But we believed in it and started working toward that. Since then, we have hot without a break and tirelessly. 

How was it working someone like Pawan Kalyan?

It's not easy to work with him. I have become more patient after working with him. We derive so much of pleasure by putting up with him. I am a huge fan of Chiranjeevi garu. Kalyan garu told Chiru garu that I am doing a good job and that he should get a film directed by me. That's a huge appreciation.

Whose idea was it to release the film in Hindi?

It was jointly decided by Kalyan garu and Sharrat Marar garu. A separate team has been constituted to work on the Hindi version.

Are there any political dialogues in the movie?

There are no such dialogues. But since Kalyan garu is the leader of a political party, maybe such an impression is gained listening to some of the lines.

What was the idea behind going for the 'veena' step?

We wanted to do something that would touch Chiranjeevi garu emotionally. Veena step came to my mind. 

So, what next?

I will relax for a month or so. I want to spend some time with my wife. I will think about my future moves later.