NTR not for Bigg Boss Season 2?

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 - 14:30

NTR hosted the first season of 'Bigg Boss' Telugu successfully. His exceptional anchoring skills made the show immensely popular in Telugu states. All eyes are on its second season.
Although the channel STAR MAA has not announced a date for the next season yet, rumors have started floating around that NTR will not be repeated for the second season. This news is unthinkable. How can NTR not be repeated by the channel when the star made the show a big hit?

It is utterly outrageous speculation. Rumor mills went overdrive stating that Nani has been approached for the second season. A section of media further went spilling out the names of some big celebrities as the contestants for the second season.

Truth is that no discussion for the second season has done yet but NTR will continue as the host, said a source. Rest of the speculation is completely baseless.