Samantha and Chaitu's cool dinner!

Friday, April 21, 2017 - 18:15

These pics are doing rounds in social media. Looks like Naga Chaitanya loves to prepare barbecue food items. Samantha is helping him out in this in dinner. They got engaged recently and are waiting for the marriage. Their wedding date is yet to be fixed.

The buzz around the Samantha and Naga Chaitanya duo has always been stronger. Youngsters, especially college students, like the pair a lot. And the latest pics involving Chay, Sam and her friends should be treated as icing on the cake. Or should we say spice in the dinner? Seen cooking his way his lady's heart is Chay. 

On a lighter note, even an Akkineni hero has to do 'seva' of his girlfriend no matter what. At least that's what Chay's pose in the pic is suggesting.  

Girls always like to watch their boy friends occasionally turn into cooks. And Chay, it seems, has been at it. The pics show that the two make for a great pair. Two cheers to Chay for being his lady's Mr. Cool. And thumbs up to Sam for doing 'maya'.

That the pics have gone viral on social media is not surprising.