Is Sreenu Vaitla stuck in a time-warp?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - 12:00
 Sreenu Vaitla

Sreenu Vaitla has delivered third flop in a row with 'Mister'. After the release of 'Bruce Lee', he faced severe criticism of repeating same tricks in every movie. So, Vaitla claimed before the release of 'Mister' that he is changing his style.  He said that he had worked on the script for about nine months, but anyone who has watched 'Mister' would only laugh at his statement.

He claimed to have re-invented his style, but the only change one sees in 'Mister' is the absence of 'bakra' comedy and the infusion of a royal family's sub plot. The latter of these two is the last nail in the coffin. The characters of Murali Sharma, Nagineedu and Master Bharath of the Krishna Devaraya 'vamsham' are scaring the audience!

Now the movie is a confirmed flop.

After the disastrous 'Aagadu', 'Bruce Lee' and 'Mister', how is he now going to convince a star hero to do a film with him? As someone who has worked with the likes of Mahesh Babu and NTR, Vaitla may now have to do with small films. His plan is to deal with different genres, but the bad experiment with historical and fantasy elements in 'Mister' (read the Rudraksha mole element) may not let him do that.

Consistently, Vaitla has been corrupting the second half. The first half of 'Aagadu' had the element of the heroine's family funnily fleecing customers through their food processing business, but the second half horribly fell into predictable template. Same went with 'Bruce Lee'. In 'Mister', the first half has an entertaining spoof of 'Oopiri' and the element of a dud director (played by Prudhvi), but the second half flounders without respite.

Will he bounce back again? More importantly, would he get dates of any star?