Sumanth won't get married again!

Monday, December 18, 2017 - 12:30

Sumanth is back in limelight thanks to ‘Malli Raava’, it performed well in multiplexes in Hyderabad and other A Centers. He is happy that he has finally got some positive result after a long time. The film dealt with the topic of hero uniting with his girlfriend who broke up with him earlier.
Sumanth, however, says he doesn’t invite anyone back in his life. He divorced Keerthy Reddy few years ago. “We still have good friendship between us. Their family members treat me well. There is no acrimony between Keerthy and me,” he said. The actor who is in 40’s says he won’t marry anyone again. He wants to remain single for life.
“There is no particular reason but I am not interested in marriage,” he stated.