RGV: Pawan's force will be seen in next elections

Thursday, December 22, 2016 - 17:15

As Ram Gopal Varma's 'Vangaveeti' releases on Dec 23rd, here in this interview he says what is most unique about the movie and more.  

It's about emotions, not incidents:
'Vangaveeti' is not a biopic.  The high as a filmmaker I received from interacting with criminals sipping in vodka was great.  To me, what matters are the emotions, not the incidents.  In the Vangaveeti saga, everybody knows who killed who.  What I tried to extract from the affected people (family members), etc is the emotions they underwent on crucial occasions like murder of a dear one.  When we come to know their point of view, we would be sorry for them.  

Two things we believe:
The way two enemies see each other would be different from how a neutral individual sees them.  We believe in things that we either know of or are believable.  

It's unique about this film:
The kind of detailing of assassinations that you will see in 'Vangaveeti' was never seen before.  How the murders were planned and executed and such elements have so much detailing in this film.  

Circumstances decide it:
I think it's more about how an individual reacts in a specific circumstance rather than other factors like genetic makeup.  For example, Paritala Ravi would have reacted differently had he been born in Mumbai.  How a person reacts to a specific stimulus creates certain chain reactions.

No need to know the real life characters:
My daughter hadn't heard anything about Paritala Ravi before she watched 'Raktha Charitra'.  Did we know anything about American mafia when we watched 'Godfather'?  A film is about conflicts.  How we tell the conflicts is what interests the audience. 
Pawanism, comment...
I am a huge fan of Pawan Kalyan.  I know Pawan means, but I don't understand Pawanism.  He is like a dormant 'agni parvatham'.  When the time is ripe, he will burst forth like a colossus.  He will do great in the next Assembly elections.
Not up to Chiranjeevi's standard
I feel Chiranjeevi should have done something bigger than 'Baahubali'.  I had said this before and am saying it again.  As for taking sides with 'Gautamiputra Satakarni', yes I feel it's pushing limits.

May or may not happen
I tweet whatever comes to my mind.  That may eventually be made into a film or never made at all.  I may make an interesting film on Sasikala.  When I made 'Ice Cream' I meant to say that even small-budgeted movies can be made.  It doesn't mean that I am not OK with making big-budgeted films like 'Nuclear', which is an intense subject.