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Nirup and Avantika's freezing romance in Rajaratham

With College Days & Neeli Meghama songs composed by Anup Bhandari and written by Ramjogayya Sastry from "Rajaratham" making waves, here is an interesting behind the scene story for all of you.

The songs that looks all nostalgic and romantic had the lead pair Nirup and Avantika shivering. Wondering why? While shooting for the rain sequence in Ooty, the water used was so cold that the lead pair were literally shivering and had to try hard to keep up with the required expression.

Rajaratham - First Look released

The first look of three important actors of bilingual film written and directed by Anup Bhandari of 'Rangitaranga' fame is revealed. Name of the film is 'Rajaratha' in Kannada, ‘Rajaratham’ in Telugu, and both versions shot separately. It is produced by Ajay Reddy Gollapalli of Jollyhits Pvt Ltd, an international movie distribution & production company. ‘Rajaratha’ is a romantic comedy with lots of fun and adventure.

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