PSV Garuda Vega

Ram - Praveen Sattaru's film to have snow theme!

Shradha Das in hot new avtaar

Ravi Varma, the talent on a roll

PV Sindhu lauds Garuda Vega team

Rajasekhar makes a meaty comeback!

'PSV Garuda Vega' crosses half million USD

ATT B1G1 offer for PSV Garuda Vega

Telugu movie PSV Garuda Vega 126.18M which released last week has received rave reviews and is running to housefull shows has achieved a no mean feat for a Telugu movie. It raked in Quarter Million Dollars in less than 3 days and is now inching towards Half a Million in US.

Garuda Vega running strong at box-office

Pooja Kumar, not tired of wife roles

Pooja Kumar is quite a choosy actress.  When Praveen Sattaru offered her the script of 'Garuda Vega', she knew she would be playing Swathi, the isolated housewife of Rajasekhar, in the action-emotional-thriller.  

In this interview, she talks about her role, why 'GV' is more than a thriller, why it's a mix of Indian and Hollywood style of films, and more.  

Tell us about Garuda Vega?

How much truth lies in Rajasekhar's claim?


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