Audience acceptance doesn't scare me: Nani

Thursday, June 16, 2016 - 15:15

Nani has been on a roll. This Friday (June 17), he has a romantic thriller hitting the marquee. In this interview, the talented performer talks about working with Mohankrishna Indraganti, following his heart, when he will turn into a director, his upcoming movies, and more.  

The title 'Gentleman' was announced in the last moment. Why so?

It was after we were done with the shoot that we decided upon the title. We took lot of time to come out with a title because it was difficult to choose one for this film. We wanted a title that didn't convey the concept while being apt. When some of the team members suggested that the title should sound like, say, 'Gentleman', Srinivas Avasarala said, 'Why not keep 'Gentleman' itself as the title?'. Once you watch the movie, you will feel the title is very apt.

Did you do this film because it was Mohankrishna Indraganti who gave you the first break?

Absolutely not. Both of us were clear that we shouldn't do this film because I was obligated to pay back. I did 'Gentleman' because I loved the script. Both of us had the conviction that, after a film like 'Ashta Chamma', our second outing should be totally different. The story should be exciting. I was excited when my director gave the narration.

It is a re-union after many years. How do you think has Indraganti evolved as a creative professional?

He has evolved a lot in terms of his technical knowledge.  

You must be under pressure to keep it going, now that you have delivered three hits in a row.  

I always follow my heart. I have been like this from the beginning. I am not extra-cautious just because I am a hat-trick hero. It is such choices that have given me this stature.  

One must say that you have your own space now in the industry.

Yes. I am not scared whether the audience will accept me or not. I have no such doubts now.

Our heroes are used to hiking their remuneration following a hit or two. What is the case with you?

The remuneration I am paid depends on my success rate. As success rate goes up, so does the remuneration. It is automatic, thanks to the producers. It's for 'Bhale Bhale Magadivoy' that I charged my career's highest.  

You entered the industry with the aim of becoming a director. When are we going to see Nani directing himself or others?

I have no plans to turn into a director in near future. I am happy as an actor. I know my strengths and I am glad that I have been accepted by the audience as a hero. I used to be passionate about becoming a director. I will fulfill that desire one day.

In 'KVPG', you were a Balakrishna fan.  In Virinchi Varma's film, it is said that you are a Pawan Kalyan fan. What's the truth?

I am playing the character of an assistant director in this movie. He is not a Pawan Kalyan fan. It's just a rumour. The film is 30 per cent done.

When are you going to act in a multi-starrer?  

I like multi-starrers a lot. But we need a very good story for films of this kind. But, generally speaking, the heroes are bothered about how much screen space they have in a multi-starrer. Multi-starrers will come in good number only when characters are allowed to decide the time for which an actor is seen.

You had once said that doing a straight Tamil film did hurt some of your Telugu fans. Are you going to do Tamil films in future?

I have immense respect toward Kollywood because it has brought out excellent acting talents. I have already done two or three movies there. I don't want to be someone who is half here and half there. That's why I have decided to concentrate on Tollywood. But there are good chances of me acting in bi-linguals in near future.

What are your upcoming movies?

After completing the shoot of Virinchi Varma's movie, I will do a movie under Dil Raju garu's banner. There will be a film with Bhavya Creations. There is no truth in the rumour that I will be directed by Manjula garu. I have never even met her.