Jandhyala is my great inspiration : Anil Ravipudi

Wednesday, May 4, 2016 - 15:00

Anil Ravipudi is a second-time director, but he is sure to repeat his 'Pataas' hit. In this interview, the filmmaker talks about how he ended up making a film for Dil Raju, the characters of Sai and Raashi Khanna, who is his inspiration for comedy, and more.  

Whose call was it to rope in Sai Dharam Tej for the role of Balu?

I didn't write the story with him in mind. Dil Raju garu had developed a rapport with Sai Dharam Tej during the days of 'Subrahmanyam For Sale' itself. When Sai and me got in touch, we were in sync with each other in no time. That's how I, too, started imagining him in the role.  

Raashi Khanna is upbeat about her funny cop's role. Even you have said that she will be called a comedienne.

Raashi Khanna's character Bellam Sridevi was etched keeping in mind her soft looks. The contrast is that she gets to do some action. The scenes have come out really well.  

Is Sai also a cop?

No, he is seen in that get-up in just one scene. He comes in a cop's dress to impress the heroine.  

You got to work with two senior actors.

Rajendra Prasad garu and Sai Kumar garu have very good roles. I have always been a huge fan of Rajendra garu.  

How come you happened to bag your second film with a big producer like Dil Raju?

Dil Raju garu appreciated me when he watched 'Pataas'. He felt that I had the talent in me to incorporate commercial elements in a script. I get emotionally connected to a person who appreciates him. That's how I ended up going this movie.

Despite this being only your second film, you seem quite calm. Isn't it?

Yes. I am not nervous at all. 'Supreme' is a family entertainer that will have something for everyone, whether they are 6-year-olds or 65-year-olds.  Kids especially will love this film. The whole team is confident about the success.

What is the film's USP?

Compared with my first film, I have written and executed different human emotions in a much better way. People are going to love the climax. The last 20 minutes is at another level altogether. I would say that the rest of the film is one thing and the climax is another thing.  

In 'Pataas', comedy was a key element. What about the comedy quotient in 'Supreme'?

There is loads of it. The hero's character itself is entertaining. He is genuinely irked when someone honks the horn for no reason.  Besides, there are portions involving Prudhviraj, Prabhas Seenu and Jayaprakash Reddy. They are hilarious to the core. Jandhyala garu is my great inspiration for writing comedy scenes. I used to enjoy his movies like any thing.  

There has been some hyper about the child artist.

Yes, he has performed really well. Not just him, every body has given their all for this movie. I was emotional for the same reason while talking at the audio release function. I can say that some of them went to the extent of risking their lives to give the best output.

Since your actors say that you can enact so well, is acting on your mind?

No, as of now. I have made up my mind to try my had at character roles the day people say that I can't make good films any more. I want to do roles like Dasari Narayana Rao garu does (Smiles).