Mahesh is on a higher pedestal, says Srikanth Addala

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - 15:15

Director Srikanth Addala of 'Brahmotsavam' is that soft-spoken guy who has no airs about himself. In this interview, the ace director talks about what Mahesh means for him, dealing with human emotions, missing Ganesh Patro and more.  

What change have you observed in Mahesh Babu since 'Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu' (SVSC)?

As a person, he is on a higher pedestal. Akkada untaru ayana. It's a great thing that Mahesh garu understood a story with delicate emotions and did this film. Working with him twice itself is a privilege. More than a very good actor, he is a great human being. He is a director's hero.

Didn't the film take longer to be completed than was planned?

It's because of the huge casting. But with Mahesh garu on board, I had lot of confidence. He has always been my strength.  When I talk with him, my stress is gone.  

Both 'SVSC' and 'Brahmotsavam' deal with human emotions. What are the differences between the two?

If 'SVSC' was set in the backdrop of a middle class family,'Brahmotsavam' takes place in a rich family. The stories are completely different. That was a story involving two brothers. 'Brahmotsavam' has a larger canvas. The story takes place in the backdrop of Vijayawada.  

So, did you shoot the film in Vijayawada?

No. In view of practical difficulties, we didn't shoot there. Moreover, technical advancement means that the locations we want can be created through CG.  

What is the title justification?

When we are celebrating, it's called a festival. But the highest form of celebration is related to God. I was watching Bhakti channel and the title suddenly came to my mind because Brahmotsavam was being mentioned in the channel.  

Why always joint family?

'SVSC' had no joint family element. Even 'Brahmotsavam' has no such element. I have only shown that people can take time to meet their kith and kin even in their busy lives. In modern times, the burden of expectations have created a lot of confusion and stress. Whatever we do to get out of that stress has to do with people. When we go on a picnic or tour, we meet people.  But what happens when the people are your family members? This is the inspiration behind 'Brahmotsavam'.

Late Ganesh Patro wrote lines for some of the scenes in 'SVSC'. Did you miss him for this film?

Yes. I missed him. It was Ganesh Patro garu who did the 'omkaram' for the script of 'Brahmotsavam'. During the shoot of 'Mukunda', I met him and narrated the ideas in my mind. The story was in an elementary stage at that time. He jotted down whatever I had narrated to him. It was three pages in total. He told me he will work with me and give me his inputs for the script.  Unfortunately, that was not to be.  

Why don't you keep names for important characters in your movie?

(Smiles). I don't know. I don't pen names while writing the script. So, that continues. My actors ask me, but I have no answer. Generally, I don't address people by their names. Neither am I addressed by my name.

In the first look, Mahesh Babu is seen giving slippers to his father.

The idea was to show a son's reverence toward his father. It's a marriage. The son is not a bit embarrassed to do that.  Generally, youngsters are embarrassed to seek blessings in front of friends or relatives.  

Big names have worked for 'Brahmotsavam'.

It was PVP garu who suggested Thota Tharani garu's name. Wow! His knowledge is amazing. He is very meticulous. He is not satisfied that easily.  

Are you going to present similar sensibilities even in future?

I will try different things. Doing films in the same way can bore the audience.