NTR: I am not thinking about records!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - 19:15

NTR in this interview opens up about everything from Koratala Siva to Rajinikanth. Saying that he is not ready to be bothered by numbers, NTR confesses to be affected by hits and flops. He says that he has evolved and three factors have helped him become a better person. Read on..

It's sheer luck Koratala Siva feels that:

I have known him as a writer, a director, and otherwise. It's my sheer luck that he felt like writing more for me. A writer has to think with the heart. A director has to think with the mind. He gets it right with both.  

Not for records:

I am not thinking about records. It's not healthy to be after numbers. After the film's release, let's see how 'Janatha Garage' performs. I and others are happy about the outcome. But the thing is, nobody can predict anything. Hits and flops matter to me, but I have reached a maturity level where I let go off after a time. Failures have taught me lessons.  

That's why I have matured:

Failures in the past have made me a different person. Also, my son has changed me as a person. I got to spend time with myself and this has had impact on my personality.  

I have become closer to nature:

Travelling with the idea of 'Janatha Garage' has made me more conscious of nature. My character in the film reflects the moods of the nature. He has the wildness of nature. He has the calmness of it.  

Charity begins at home:

Well, I am against the use of leather, but I am not going to campaign against its use. We can't force things down the people's throats. One has to win at home and then think about the rest. We need to realize that it is not a big deal for 3/4th of the Earth (water) to spread over the remaining part. We have seen that happen in movies.  

A tougher role, indeed:

This was hard to play. I had had the idea in a corner of the mind since the days of 'Rabhasa'. After doing 'Temper' and 'Nannaku Prematho', I was better prepared to take up this role.  

The transition in my look:

Sukumar sketched my role in 'Nannaku Prematho' in such a way that the hero was as stylish as the villain. In 'JG', I am playing a contrasting role. He doesn't use leather, he wears only fabric. My stylist Ashwin played a key role in helping me transition to this get-up.

Doing 'Nachore'-like dance would be unthinkable:

A dance can't be complicated for the sake of it. Can a song like 'Malliya lara' have the steps of a 'Nachore'? 'Temper' and 'Nannaku Prematho', I began making changes to my style. Dances shouldn't be forced.

Mohanlal, the inspiration:

We have all known him as a great actor. But what impacted me most is his personality. He is very self-contented. He wears many hats, but he keeps his cool.  

No risky shots, please:

I am not in a mood to go for risky takes. After all, I have aged. As a youngster, I could have imagined doing that because it's easier to recoup after an injury at that age.  

Fans shouldn't take it to the extremes:

This is not the first time that I am saying this. I reject those fans who are extremist in their mindset. I hope I don't have such fans. Your first love should be the country. Next come your parents, wife, friends in that order. A film star comes in the end. I am overwhelmed by the love of my fans.  I am also scared.  

Wasn't I honest before?:

You are saying I was honest in speech at the audio launch of 'JG'.  Anthaku mundu nijayithi kanapadaleda? (Laughs). All that I can say is, like all, I have matured as a person. Ten years ago, you and I might have been different persons. How we change depends on who all we meet, what incidents take place in our life, etc.  

He is unreachable:

Just there being more number of benefit shows of 'JG' in other States than what 'Kabali' had, it doesn't mean anything.  Rajinikanth garu is at the 1000th step. I am at the 1st. Nakka ku naga lokaniki unnantha theda undhi.

You may want to ask my wife:

I don't want to repair any of my relationships. I am happy with all of them. I don't think my mother would want to change anything because she has been happy with me for 33 years. I don't know if my wife wants to repair relations with me.  (Laughs).