Planning 'international' film with Mahesh, says Puri

Saturday, December 12, 2015 - 15:00

Director Puri Jagannadh is on roll. He has already released Temper and Jyothi Lakshmi early this year and has readied another movie Loafer that is releasing on 17th December. Recently he launched Rogue, introducing a youngster as hero. Talking to reporters, he spoke about many issues including his proposed movie with Mahesh Babu, the reason why Chiranjeevi movie was called off and his displeasure with Pawan Kalyan's fans.

Loafer emotional movie

Known for wrapping up movies in quick time, the director says Loafer is the most emotional movie he has made on the lines of his earlier movie Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammayi (ANOTA). Starring Varun Tej as son and Revathy as mother, Loafer centers on the emotional relationship between a mother and a son. "Unlike ANOTA, in Loafer mother and son are estranged. That is where the drama comes from," he said.

Revathy and Posani are pillars

"For the first time in my career, I had worked with the great actress Revathy. She is known for doing art movies, expressing everything in a subtle way. But here she had to do louder and expressive role. She said she is doing the role trusting my capabilities. Revathy is one pillar to the film," Puri said praising her contribution to the movie. He also added that Posani stood as another pillar to the film.

Varun Tej will become big star

Talking about his lead hero, Puri said Varun Tej has innocence in his face. Though he has tall figure, there is baby like innocence in the face, Puri declared, adding that this quality would make him a good actor. He also said he would turn into big star after this film. 

He added that the newcomer Disha Patani has the potential to join the league of heroines. "She has already bagged one big project in Hindi," he informed the media. 

Will work with Sunil Kashyap again

Puri Jagannadh seems to have found a reliable music director in Sunil Kashyap as he is continuing to work with him. After Jyothi Lakshmi and Loafer, he has given another offer to this music director. I liked his work and his tune of Suvvi, a sentiment song, in this movie has become a good hit, Puri told us. So I will be working with him next film as well, he added. 

Controversy with Chiranjeevi ended

Some months back, Ram Charan officially declared that Puri Jagannadh would be directing his father Chirajeevi's come back movie. He said that they were really impressed with his storyline. But later, megastar Chiru speaking to the media said he wasn’t impressed with the second half of the storyline narrated by Puri, hence he has put off the project temporarily. To which Puri reacted that if Chiru would have told him directly instead of saying to the media, he would have written another script.

For a brief time, there was gap between Chiru and Puri. "But I met Chiranjeevi garu again and everything was resolved. I would definitely be making a movie with Chiru. If not 150th or 151st, I would do 152nd but my film with Chiranjeevi garu would surely happen. It is my dream, Puri clarified.

Pawan Kalyan should talk to his fans

Recently Pawan Kalyan fans created some ruckus at the audio launch of Loafer by shouting the star's name repeatedly. Prabhas and other guests at the audio launch felt uncomfortable. Talking about this incident, Puri Jagannadh said that the fans are actually bringing bad name to Pawan Kalyan with their unruly behavior. I believe it is the time that Pawan Kalyan should send out a message to the fans that they should not behave in such manner. 

International movie with Mahesh Babu

When a reporter asked if he is planning a big movie with Mahesh Babu and trying to rope in a big international actor to act in the movie, Puri answered in affirmative that the news is true. He said that they are still planning and writing the script. It may take some more time to materialize. "It will be very big budgeted movie, I will announce when everything falls in place," he revealed.