I have stopped aging: Nagarjuna

Nagarjuna is extrememly happy with the film Devadas. He feels that Nani is a fabulous actor. Nag does not want to do aging roles and is looking at multistarrers. A chit chat with Nagarjuna.

How did this project workout initially?

Two years back, a Bollywood maker brought this script to me but things did not work out. Now, years later, Nani made this film happened through Ashwini Dutt who chose Sriram Aditya as the director.

Are you impressed with Sri Ram Aditya's work?

Ashwini Dutt to make films with two big stars

Will Nagarjuna bounce back with Devadas?

Rashmika ends suspense, issues statement!

DevaDas have Jhanvi and Pooja as lovers

Rashmika to bag two big projects?

It is a wrap for Devadas

Mani Ratnam's film to clash with Nani - Nag's

Nani's different role in Yeleti's film!

Nagarjuna busy with multi-lingual films


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