Bheeshma - Movie Review

A perfect time for Nithin to score a hit!

Athadu fight is a highlight in Bheeshma: Nithin

Nithin is entering into a new phase. He is bidding good-bye to bachelorhood this April and also for the first time in his career, he will have three releases in a single year. “I am no longer a young hero, I have already joined seniors’ club,” laughs off Nithin who debuted as a lead hero 17 years ago. Ahead of the release of ‘Bheeshma’, he had interacted with the web media. Excerpts…

Congratulations on getting engaged to your girlfriend!

Rashmika to earn the image of a glam girl now!

Bheeshma Trailer: Brand new Nithin!

Bheeshma brings Rs 8 Cr profit to the producer

Trivikram to grace Bheeshma event

Nithin gets engaged to Shalini

Bheeshma: Singles Anthem video is here

Nithin sports Sobhan's look in Bheeshma's singles anthem


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