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Hyper - Baby Doll Song Making

Santosh Srinivas: Ram has matured as an actor

Santosh Srinivas has a hit (Kandireega) and a flop (Rabhasa) in his kitty. A day ahead of the release of 'Hyper', the cinematographer turned director is calm and says that the result doesn't concern him much.  
'Hyper' has been touted as a father-son relationship story in addition to other things.  Why so much emphasis on the sentiment part?

Ram: Hyper has a nice social message

Energetic star Ram's 'Hyper' releases on Sept 30. Sounding 'Hyper' cool as ever, the handsome actor is at his warm best. In this interview, Ram talks about his forthcoming release, the status of a movie, getting married, etc.

Can we think that the title is because of you?

Hyper - Theatrical Trailer

Hyper (Prathi Intlo Okaduntaadu) - Theatrical Trailer

Hyper - Naalo Nenena song teaser

Come Back Song Teaser - Hyper

Ram's Hyper - Teaser

Ram's Hyper first look released

Ram's Hyper to release on 30th September


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