USA: SPYder Business Open!

ATMUS Entertainment in association with AZ India Media has acquired the USA rights of ‘Spyder’, one of the most awaited and prestigious movies of the year. The recently released teaser and first single have turned out to be a smashing hit. 

Spyder, a spy-thriller directed by AR Murugadoss, features the super star Mahesh in the role of Intelligence Bureau (IB) officer and he has apparently performed the most difficult stunts sans body double. The film will be edge of the seat thriller, emotional drama, high on action, and touted to be the most stylish film in Mahesh’s career

USA BO: Tollywood All-Time Hits

Movie Name Cast Collection
Baahubali 2 (2017) Prabhas $20,571,695
Baahubali (2015) Prabhas $6,999,312

JJN Vs LIE vs NRNM: Which has advantage?

2017: Tollywood's Million Dollar Club

It rained million dollars for Telugu movies in 2017.. Rajamouli's epic drama 'Baahubali 2' stands at top position with staggering $20 million. Check the complete list....

'LIE' Censor completed, USA premieres on 10th Aug

Fidaa nearing $2 million mark

Day 1: Ninnu Kori takes bumper openings

ర‌జ‌నీకి త‌గిలిన‌ కాసినో సెగ‌

ఒక్క ఫొటో, ఒకే ఒక్క ఫొటో రజనీకాంత్ ను ఉక్కిరిబిక్కిరి చేస్తోంది. ప్రస్తుతం అమెరికాలో ఉన్న సూపర్ స్టార్.. తన హెల్త్ చెకప్ తో పాటు అగ్రరాజ్యంలో వివిధ కార్యక్రమాల్లో పాల్గొంటున్నాడు. ఇందులో భాగంగా ఓ క్యాసినోను కూడా సందర్శించాడు. అక్కడ రజనీకాంత్ క్యాసినో ఆడాడో లేదో తెలీదు కానీ, అక్కడ కూర్చున్న ఫొటో మాత్రం ఒకటి అతడికి కొత్త తలనొప్పులు తెచ్చిపెడుతోంది.

Nani: Ninnu Kori asks give life a chance

As 'Ninnu Kori' gets ready to hit the screens on July 7th, Nani sounds more than confident. In fact, he says that the film is more than a love story. Besides talking about some unknown facets of 'NK', the Natural Star also takes questions about doing big-budget movies, scoring hit after hit, and so on.
Why did you say OK to 'Ninnu Kori' as soon as you heard out the script?

Ninnu Kori cleared with U Certificate


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