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Nani creates record with MCA Premiere gross

Nani now okay with Natural Star tag!

As Nani gears up for the release of 'MCA', he talks about what he goes by in selecting stories, teaming up with talented co-stars, his upcoming movies, and more. 

I choose relatable, enjoyable stories:

Right from the beginning, the one criterion by which I have chosen scripts is their ability to entertain me.  I listen to stories as an audience.  They should be relatable.  However, some of the films I did in the early years didn't work.  

Lack of background is a blessing:

I saw you and me when Venu told me the story: Nani

MCA gets clearance with UA Certificate

Nani Vs Akhil: Big battle at USA

MCA pre-release event in Warangal

MCA final song shoot in Spain

MCA teaser minting million views

Nani's MCA teaser released


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