Who said I am single, asks Samantha!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 - 15:30

Samantha is the woman of the moment.  Four big releases this Summer, she is more than a star.  In this interview, the pretty actress talks about a range of issues, including her single status.  

You are on a roll this Summer.  Did you plan for all this?

I did not plan for all this.  It's sheer luck. It's not possible for any to plan for a Summer like this.  Each of these films ('Theri', '24', 'A Aa', 'Brahmotsavam') are different. 'Theri'/'Police' is a mass one, whereas '24' is classy and intelligent. I am very proud to have done these contrasting films.  

So, were you keeping your fingers crossed before the release?

As for 'Theri', I was sure that the film will be a sure-shot hit.  As for '24', the concept is amazing, something unseen-before on Indian screen.  It's a new concept which is not easy to understand. I didn't know how the audience would be receiving. The high that I got when I heard the narration of 'Eega', the same high I got when I heard this script.  There is risk element coming to both these films. I knew that if '24' establishes a connect with the audience, it will be a hit. I am glad it has been received well. 'Eega' was a classic. Likewise, '24' is becoming a classic.  

How did you see yourself fitting in the scheme of the things, given that '24' is a film where Suriya is the dominant one?

'24' is a film where content is the king. I always knew it's a Suriya-Vikram Kumar film. Suriya sir is phenomenal in the film. I questioned myself whether I want to be part of a mass film where I have no much place or a film like this. I was happy just to be a part of this film. I want to be part of any film where the heroine has a place in the script.  

How do you see the rom-com track in '24'?

Vikram's romantic track is very sugary. His concept of love is sweet. If you take out the love portions, the film is very intense. It's a relief in an otherwise intense film.

You have been working tirelessly for the past few months. Isn't it?

Yes. There was a time I just broke down in the car after a 'Brahmotsavam' schedule because I was totally exhausted. I started crying in the car when I was alone.  For eight months, I had been working for 12 hours.  I took no break even for a single day.  In 'A Aa', 'Theri' and 'Brahmotsavam', I am playing strong characters.  Shooting for '24' in Poland, in low temperatures, it was very exhausting.  

Are you the kind who doesn't care for the result?

I am not that kind.  I don't get sleep two days or so ahead of my film's release. I get drained emotionally.  Moreover, I don't sign a film unless I am convinced that my character is important and has a contribution to make. In 'Brahmotsavam', there is more than one heroine; but that's not a concern because, at the end of the day, I have an important role in the story.  

Do you want time to be frozen, just as it happens in '24'?

Maybe, I will want the moment to be frozen after the success of 'Brahmotsavam' and 'A Aa'.  (Laughs).  

Off late, people are calling you a senior actress.  

Yes, isn't it?  Even I have noticed that.  When an actress says that I am her favourite actress, I feel like saying that I am very much here and am not retired as yet.  (Laughs). That's what people say about yesteryear actresses like Savitri garu and Soundarya.  In 'Janata Garage', I am looking younger because I have cut my hair.  

So, how has the bonding been with Sitara, Mahesh's daughter?

Mahesh might kill me, but I am sure that Sitara is going to be a superstar.  The way she dances, laughs, etc makes me feel so.  More than Gautham, she is going to rule the roost.  

You seem to have tried something new in 'A Aa'.

I have tried comedy here.  I have always wanted to do comedy; I have done romance and sentiment many times.  It's not a women-centric film.  Since the girl and the boy are getting equal space, people feel it's women-centric.  

Do you want to try anymore more in terms of versatility of roles?

Yes, I have tried a dark role in Tamil.  In Kannada, I have watched 'U-Turn', which is a thriller.  I am eager to remake that film in Telugu and Tamil with the same director.

Is there truth in the reports that you are producing the remake version of the Kannada hit 'U-Turn'?

No, there is no truth in the reports.  Since I went to Bengaluru to watch the movie, people seem to have assumed that I am producing its remake version.

You are doing bi-linguals off late.

It's a good thing.  Films are universal.  Mahesh garu is doing a bi-lingual in Tamil and Telugu.  This will result in the market going up in a big way. The gulf in collections between Bollywood and South will go down.

Are you happy being single?

Who said I am single.  (Guffaws).  Cut.  Next question.