Balakrishna's film is not Auto Jaani: Puri Jagannadh

Monday, March 27, 2017 - 15:15

Puri Jagannadh's 'Rogue' will hit the screens on March 31. In this interview, the frank director talks about what can be expected from the movie. He also reveals many interesting points about Balakrishna's 101st film that he is currently directing. 

What is special about 'Rogue' and why has there been delay?

We wanted to release it in December, but we later decided to arrive during summer. In 'Rogue', all the actors have done a very good job, the hero (Ishan) is a very good-looking guy and the villain Thakur Anoop Singh (he was recently seen in 'Winner' and 'S3') too has an interesting character. The film is youthful drama. We have introduced new singers as well. 

Considering this is your first bi-lingual, was it a difficult task to do? Are there any changes between the Telugu and Kannada versions?

It was not difficult. It made no difference to me. Both the versions are same. Not much difference between them. 

The caption 'Maro Chantigadi Prema Katha' is meant to remind 'Idiot'. How can a rogue be a Chanti? 

The tag line is meant to take the film to the mass audiences. When I chose 'Idiot', the tag line 'O Chantigadi Prema Katha' was meant to let those who didn't understand the title's meaning know what kind of a film it was. That Chanti was hyperactive. But this Chanti looks more serious. 

Ishan is playing a rough n tough, rash and dynamic character. I think it won't take much time for him to become a star. 

The posters are targeting youngsters. Can family audiences watch 'Rogue'?

The film can be watched with the entire family. The Censor board made suggestions to remove certain small bits and we have done that. 

Have you made an analysis about why some of your films have flopped recently?

Not every film can be made into a hit. I myself didn't know that 'Pokiri' would become such a big hit. It's not in our hands. There is a famous writer in Hollywood whose book on screenplay writing technique is very famous; it has been read by many writers across the world and I too have read it. Two of the films directed by that writer were flops! Theory and practice are different.

It's said that the film with Balakrishna is nothing but your earlier script of 'Auto Jani'. What is his role in the movie and is it true that the title is 'Tapori' and an item song featuring Sunny Leone is there in the movie?

It was five years ago that I first approached Balakrishna garu with the intention of making a movie with him. However, that didn't take off. In this film, he is playing a gangster. His looks will be different and it's not a dual role. The film is not 'Auto Jani'. It's one of the stories I had written.

A final decision on the title hasn't been taken. A special song involving Sunny Leone is very much there. 

When are you making a film with a Mega hero?

Not with a Mega hero. I want to make a film with Megastar himself. 'Ayana okkare migilipoyaru'...

At the pre-release event, VV Vinayak compared you with Mani Ratnam for writing your films yourself. How did you feel?

Mani Ratnam garu and Balachander garu have always been my inspiration. It felt great to be compared with him.