BAN will have strong impact on society: Danayya

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 - 12:00

Producer Danayya is thrilled that his film Mahesh Babu starrer ‘Bharath ane Nenu is just around the corner for a grand release. He speaks about the film and tells us that there are no political satires in this film.

My journey in Tollywood

I started my career in 1992 with the EVV film 'Jamba Lakidi Pamba'. Things have been quite difficult as I have faced many problems in my journey and lost a lot of money too. Slowly but steadily, I have reached a stage where I am producing some of the biggest films in the industry currently and I feel quite proud to have come such a long way.

I never compromised regarding the budget of BAN 

The moment I heard the script, I clearly had an idea that this film would be huge in terms of budget. The canvas itself is so big that we had to spend 2 crores on just the assembly set which plays a key role in the film. My only aim was to make the film look rich and I never had any objection regarding the budget as everything spent will clearly show on screen.

Memorable journey with Mahesh Babu

It was my all time dream to produce a film with Mahesh and I was trying hard for the past few years but things never happened. I also approached a few star directors to make a film with Mahesh but this also did not help me out. Finally, my close association with Koratala led me to produce this project. Every moment spent with the superstar is quite memorable as I have never seen such a cool superstar like Mahesh who completely surrounds to the vision of his director.

Audience will feel the thrill factor

Bharath Ane Nenu is not a regular mass masala entertainer. It deals with a different subject which is quite hard-hitting and an eye opener for many. Mahesh's role of a CM will be quite thrilling and a completely new experience for the audience. Our film will surely leave a strong impact on the society and the film will be a huge hit at the box office.

Kiara Advani will be the next big star

Everything about the film looks new and fresh. We chose a new girl Kiara and she suits the nature of the film completely. Even though it is her debut she has given an impressive performance and will go a long way in Tollywood. She is a star in the making

We have not targeted any political party

As our film is a political drama, I heard much news that our film will poke jibes at many political parties and how the government should function. Our film is a clean political drama and will only focus on serious social issues and how a CM reacts to it in his own way. No political party will be maligned or targeted through this film. 

I can't wait for that film to start shooting 

Yet another dream of mine will come true as I will be producing the Rajamouli project with Ram Charan and NTR. I am very eager to take the film on floors and am waiting for Rajamouli's signal. As of now, the pre-production is on and that film will take Telugu cinema to another level in terms of production values.