Conversation with Anasuya and Suma

Friday, February 17, 2017 - 22:15

Anasuya and Suma, both are popular faces on Television screen. While Anasuya is also becoming popular as movie actress, Suma has turned singer. Suma has crooned an item song called "Suya Suya" for Sai Dharam Tej starrer 'Winner' that has music by S S Thaman. The song was filmed on Anasuya, it is her first item song performance. As the film is gearing up for release, we caught both of them together to tell us about the song's experience. We recorded the conversation between them.

Suma: When Thaman first called me to say that I should sing a special song, I thought it was a prank call and asked him to tell the purpose of the call. (Laughs). I was not told that the song was shot on you beforehand.

Anasuya: Neither did I know that you are the singer, akka. When I came to know about it, I yelled at home. I was initially apprehensive because the audiences are too used to our voices, they are even bored of listening to our voices.

Suma: I dared to tell SP Balasubramaniam garu that I crooned a song, thanks to Thaman and computer. (Laughs)

Anasuya: If SPB were to ask you to sing a song with him in future, will you do so? Is singing a difficult thing?

Suma: He won't ask me even by mistake. You can be rest assured. He likes only my anchoring. Vine vallu unte padocchu.. I was not tensed to sing the number. Whatever tension there had to be, it's the music director who should have had because I am the singer!

Anasuya: Have you learnt music?

Suma: I started learning Veena, but later veena nannu vayinchadam modalu pettindi. I was a bathroom singer made a studio singer by Thaman. Singers usually get base in voice by birth, but I have got it by profession.

Suma: After 'Kshanam', people expected you to take up performance-oriented roles, but to everyone's surprise, you have done an item song!

Anasuya: I was not sure about doing this special song till one day before the shoot in Ukraine. I kept asking the director whether I can pull it off or not. When I saw the lyrics 'Burger buggala beauty samples... Kullukuntayanta Simla apples', I fell for the song then and there and told me that I am doing it. Who doesn't fall for praises? I feel honoured to be described like this.

Our reporter: Why are you not referring to it as an item song?

Anasuya: What does item mean in Telugu? It means 'vasthuvu'. Are we any objects who are there dancing in the studio?

Suma: It would look funny if we say 'Vasthuvu Pata' in Telugu.

Our reporter: Do you have any role in the movie or is it just for the song that you are there?

Anasuya: The song comes as a continuation of a scene.

Our reporter: So, is it just one scene and one song?

Anasuya: Yes.

Suma: He (Questioner) is sorry that it's only one scene. Next time, make sure you do at least two scenes. (Laughs).

Our reporter: Because of you two, Rakul Preet is getting overshadowed!

Anasuya: Fads are transient. Fashion is permanent. We are fads.

Suma: (Turns to Anasuya) But I have been here for many years.. (Laughs)

Our reporter: How was it working with Sai Dharam Tej?

Anasuya: He is full of energy. It's in his blood.He would address me as 'Andi.. Andi' till the time we were in Ukraine when he started cracking jokes.