Deccan film 127B

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 19:15

Though most of us rely on the Tollywood circuit for our entertainment, there is a sub tranche to it which has its own share of fan base and cine buffs. We are talking about the Hyderabadi cinema which is part of the Deccan circuit and its market is expanding with every release. This time, a headturner has arrived elevating the image and stature of the industry. Thats 127B. Let us see how justified this is.


Chand Pasha (Dheercharan Srivastav), Lucky alias Lakhan Singh (Mast Ali) and Eddie (Aziz Naser) are three close friends who have issues of their own. While Chand Pasha is not earning enough to take care of his nagging wife and kid, Eddie is struggling to take care of his ailing mother. Lucky is an auto driver who is in love with a girl (Heena), the daughter of his boss Darshan Seth (Ravi kanth). To put an end to their issues, they decide to steal the treasure in the Nawab’s abandoned Haveli. However, this place is infested with ghosts and spirits. Will the trio succeed in their mission? Will their problems be solved? All this forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points

The biggest asset to the movie is its making standards. This has set a new benchmark to all those who would make a movie in this industry. Another strength is the storyline which is one of its kind and never explored. The three main characters are the superstars of Hyderabad cinema and they have once again shown why they are the best and most sought after. Heena is very beautiful and she has good future if she can plan her career properly. Ravi kanth( Darshan seth) made his presence felt. The others contributed effectively. The pace of the movie was good and the engaging quotient was nice.

Minus Points

From a broader perspective there is hardly any negative in the film but the challenge would come from the audience to accept the lead cast in this backdrop because this is a totally different subject which has never been done by them. Also, unlike the regular Hyderabadi movies which involve comedy and some romance, this film touched a very interesting subject of horror and thriller elements. So, watching the film with an open mind is key to enjoy it thoroughly.

Technical Team

Cinematography by Kundan sad was excellent, editing by mahendranath was crisp, dialogues by Hussain Raza were excellent, script had strong content and the screenplay was neatly packed By Director Seshu KMR . The background score was another highlight while two songs are worth listening repeatedly. Costumes were natural while art department was realistic. The Flow Sound technique by Seshu KMR was another asset to enhance the film’s experience so it is best recommended to watch the movie in theatres.

Final Verdict

Overall, the director Seshu KMR must be commended for his courage to attempt something very different in an otherwise routine set of movies coming in. Despite the fact that this is his debut attempt, there are hardly any traces of inexperience.His experience as a Music composer and as a Sound designer for last 2 decades in Indian film industry helped him a lot. He kept the first half brisk with humour and mixed the second half with sentiment and emotions. In a way, this movie would certainly turn the tables for the Deccan cinema and change the dynamics in a big way. At the box office, the film has sufficient ingredients to be a winner.