Digital platforms: Boon to audiences, bane to producers?

Sunday, November 17, 2019 - 11:30

Till a few years back, the only thing of passing the time for most people in Telugu land was watching movies and cricket. They just loved their films and hero-worshipped their stars. So, whenever a film was ready for a release, there was a festive atmosphere at the theaters as fans and the general public made a beeline at the theaters to watch the film on the big screen. 

This is thing of the past.

Such frenzy has gone. Habits have changed. People have more options at their home. 

Viewing preferences changed

The entire movie business has changed drastically with the advent of digital platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Rural areas still prefer watching movies in theaters but the urban audience is no more interested to see routine and outdated films in the theaters. 

The availability of films within just two weeks of release on these platforms has made the audiences wait so that they can watch the film happily in their drawing rooms. With the advent of smart TVs, things have become even more comfortable for the viewer. The content which is being made on these platforms is far better than many films that are being released. So, the gen-next is preferring this content.

Also, the cost of the ticket, pricing of food at the multiplexes and the very journey of going to the theater and watching the film has become a painful experience. So, the stage is such that the audience only loves watching big-ticket films on the big screens and wait for the small films to come on these digital platforms. 

The theater business has gone down terribly because of these digital platforms. The theaters are empty on the weekdays and several multiplexes are running on losses in such a situation. Producers like Suresh Babu say that theater business has become just a weekend business where things run only on the weekends and the rest of the time there is nothing to do and it is very hard to maintain them hence.

Boon to small films

So much content is available online that you are spoilt for choice and can watch anything according to your taste. But the advent of digital platforms is a boon to small films in a way as they buy these so-called low budget films and many producers become safe. Big film producers are also getting that extra income because of these digital platforms.

Web Series is gaining momentum

Another advantage is that many actors who are out of work are now getting good roles in these web series, or movies made for these platforms. So, the coming days will be very dreaded for the movie industry as these platforms will dominate viewing experience in such a way that filmmaking will not be a lucrative business anymore for the producers and they have to find alternative stuff to fulfill their passion for films.