MAA: Huge showdown between Naresh and Rajasekhar

Sunday, October 20, 2019 - 15:15

Movie Artistes’ Association aka MAA is an association for actors working in the Telugu film industry. Even after the new body formed recently, the cracks among the actors have not sealed. The gap between actor Naresh’s group and actor Rajasekhar’s group has widened further. On Sunday (October 20, 2019), a showdown happened between Naresh and Rajsekhar’s groups.

In March this year, Naresh got elected as president of MAA and Rajasekhar as the executive president. But Rajasekhar’s group has been leveling allegations against Naresh that the actor is not doing anything for the welfare of the artistes and his unilateral decisions are spoiling the association. On the other hand, Naresh’s group says the meeting held by Rajasekhar doesn’t have validity.

During the Sunday meeting, both groups of Naresh and Rajasekhar hurled abusive words against each other. Naresh didn’t attend the meeting. Some actors walked out mid-way seeing both parties out of control in their talk. 

From the past two years, the activities of MAA have been creating controversy.