Manmadhudu 2 Music: Little different from the regular

Tuesday, August 6, 2019 - 10:30

Manmadhudu 2's music has been awaited for a long time as the film has music by Chaitan Bhardwaj. Well, read on to see how the youngster has composed songs for this much-awaited film.

Hey Menina

Hey Menina has already been getting good applause from the listeners. Chaitan Bhardwaj, the music director has kept the tempo of this song quite upbeat with a cool rhythmic beat. The rap version which comes in the middle of the song is nicely incorporated. The lyrics are fresh and bring a lot of youthfulness to this song which is the best in the album.

Maa Chakkani Pellanta

Out of the three songs, Chinmayi has sung two numbers in the film. In this song, she makes her voice breakthrough in the otherwise routine marriage number which is a must these days. The song starts on a dull note but once it comes to the main chorus point, things sound well. Music-wise, Chaitan has kept the beats and tempo simple and routine.


Chinmayi once again gives her best in one more romantic number Naalona. This song sounds normal when you hear for the first time. But once you hear it repeatedly, you will surely like it. Santosh Vishwanath's soothing lyrics and melodious tune will help you enjoy this song more. The song has a complete romantic vibe and will groove on you even more after seeing Nag and Rakul's chemistry.

Bottom Line

Manmadhudu was a super hit album by Devi but Manmandhudu 2 is nowhere close to it. That does not mean the songs are bad. They have their own charm and will grow on you only after multiple hearings. The mood is romantic and sounding is fresh and for this credit should be given to Chaitan Bhardwaj. For now, things look decent enough and these songs should only take the narrative forward.