• Tollywood is showing flashes of intelligence these days. As part of its new journey, it is making an increasing number of period films which are set in the 1980s and 1990s.

  • In a year when Chiranjeevi and Prabhas had no releases, Pawan Kalyan and Allu Arjun had a flop each, and Nagarjuna had two flops, Telugu cinema also saw a range of actors present themselves in a new way.

  • What are the worst films of the past 12 months? Films that made us to look for immediate exit door? 2018 witnessed some really bad movies. 

  • Tollywood is a place where heroines make a splash every year. Newcomers become star heroines and several debutantes make their entry with a bang.

  • There was a time when Telugu cinema was looked down upon in many ways from the Hindi audience.