Good things are happening to me: Kalyan Ram

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - 17:45

Kalyan Ram starrer ‘Naa Nuvve’ is hitting screens tomorrow. The actor is very excited as he has tried something different in the film. He talks about the film and much more…

Naa Nuvve is releasing tomorrow. Any butterflies?

Yes, a lot more this time as I have absolutely no idea how the audience will respond. I have tried something new completely and am very anxious to see what the general public would think of my new avatar. Look wise, I am there but will they accept me in a sober role is what intriguing me as of now.

What made you change gears all of a sudden?

For years, I have been this commercial hero who does action films. I need to thank my team who were constantly behind me to take up new things. They had the belief that I could pull off a romantic film and it is them who set up things for me. Also, times are changing as new age films are making waves. I felt that what better way than to try out something new in this new era which is booming.

What changes did you make to your acting style for this film?

I had to be calmer and went on to sets like a new student and followed my director, Jayendra's instructions. From giving calm reactions to keeping cool from within, everything was new. This was a very exciting phase in my career as I learned new things. No special effort was needed but even that requires a lot of training to portray someone else.

Describe your role for us?

I play the character of a person who has a lot of ego. He is not that easy to impress and behaves differently in varied situations. This is the first time I was doing such a role which will look a bit different on screen. There is another hidden side to him which will be revealed only on screen.

Your chemistry with Tamannah looks great. How was it working with her?

Tamannah is a very experienced actress who knows what she is doing. She just concentrates on her job and works hard until she gets things right. We got along well on the sets and she looks beautiful in the film. I hope that the audience likes our jodi as we have worked hard on our body language.

Do you think Naa Nuvve will turn the tables for you?

I hope it does as I always believed in working hard and leaving the rest to the audience. If the film clicks, there will be new horizons for me and I will get a good hold of my career which has caught the right mode now.

Any reason behind doing back to back films?

There was a stage in my life when I was stuck with my own productions and didn't get much time to sit and analyse. This new phase has been exciting. I am doing films in different genres and changing with the tide. What all I have lost is coming back to me in a good way and I am not letting go of it at all.