I am improving with every film: Sudheer Babu

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 14:45

Sudheer Babu is all set with his upcoming film ‘Sammohanam’. He plays the role of a person who hates films. The actor talks about the film and also how he is faring as an actor without using any influence from his family. 

What made you sign this film in the first place?

The moment I heard the script, I said yes without a thought. The story was real and was close to the society and this attracted me completely. Also, I had never done such a sober role which was subdued and close to common people. The confrontations between the lead pair were written amazingly and there was no reason for me not to say yes.

As the film is based on the film industry. Are there any real stars doing cameos?

Not many but a few like Harish Shankar, Avasarala Srinivas, and Tharun Bhaskar have done some small cameos and will play their real-life roles in the film. We have not shown anything bad about the film industry. There will be fun around the sets and also some startling facts of how star's life operates have been showcased.

How did you approach your character?

I am a person who immensely loves movies but my role in the film is such that he hates the film world and does not find them interesting. It was not that hard to portray such a role but the ideologies while shooting was different as I actually belonged to the industry and was speaking against them.

What aspect of Indranganti impressed you the most?

His clarity on the script was very impressive. He has never done such a pure and clean love story till now. From day one, he was very clear about what he was making and the moments that he has created on the screen will be loved for many days to come. His school of filmmaking is different and I adapted to it nicely.

Any favorite scenes from the film?

There are a couple of scenes like the terrorist scene and the interval episode that I feel that I have done a good job. Now, the audience needs to say whether I was impressive or not.

Why have you never used your family lineage?

I wanted to make a name for myself in the industry on my own and I am doing it slowly with each passing day. I never felt that I should use Mahesh's name to bag projects. I feel that as a person, I will lose the respect from the audience which I don't like to. My career is shaping up quite well and I am very content.

Did you think have you proved yourself as an actor?

This is a very difficult question to answer as there is no proper measurement for proving oneself. With every film, I am improving slowly and selecting scripts from what I am being offered. An actor can never get satisfied in his career and the same is with my case too as I am getting there slowly.

What's the status on Pullela Gopichand biopic?

The film is very much on and will start in September. I have already started prepping for the film and will be spending some quality time with Gopichand. I will sign no other projects during this time as my full concentration will be on the biopic.