I love working in films : Lavanya

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 19:45

Ahead of the release of 'Radha' on May 12, Lavanya Tripathi says what will click for the movie, why hits and flops don't matter to her, the secret of her beauty as she sees it, and more.
Who is doing the titular role in 'Radha'?
It's a unisex name. Both the hero and I are named Radha. I am playing a college student who is not very different. But look and characteristics, acting and behviour are definitely in the mold of a commercial actress. I have done a mass song, a modern number, a classical song in this movie.
What is the film's USP?
There is a lot of situational comedy while the film also infuses emotional elements in regular doses. The comedy is not forced. Sometimes we do a film because the story is good. This is one such film. One twist attracted me. There is suspense and drama too.
How was it working with Sharwanand?
It was lovely. He wouldn't talk much on the sets, while I indulge in lot of talking. When I watched the number 'Khakhi chokka', I was thoroughly impressed. He is very different on and off screen.
'Mister' was one of your important releases in recent times. Did its failure affect you in any way?
There is no change in my personality. I am disappointed only when I am not happy with my performance. I liked the movie when I watched it. After the huge success of 'Bhale Bhale Mogadivoy', I realized that I have evolved. The success didn't change me a bit. To my parents also, watching me in a film is all what matters. Hit or flop, it's irrelevant. I haven't even counted the number of films I have done. I am a kind of person who enjoys working. I am not even vacationing this season.
How do you think you have evolved as an actress since 'Andala Rakhasi'?
I am zero when I start a new film. Whatever they ask me to do, I do, except of course if they ask of me to do uncomfortable things. For example, if I don't like a kissing scene, I do suggest if it can be done differently. I am like a student. I don't decide anything as I am not the director. If it's an amazing script, I don't mind doing it for free. If it satisfies the actress in me, I will do. Acting is the only thing people should notice about you.  
You are working with Naga Chaitanya after doing a film with his father....

Technically speaking, I did a cameo opposite Chaitanya in 'Manam'. 'Soggade Chinni Nayana' happened later. But yes, I hope people will accept our pairing just as they liked Ramu and Sitha. Both of them are amazing to work with. I can't wait to start another schedule of this film.
What is the secret of your glamour?
(Laughs) Confidence. Even if you are wearing a maxi, you will look good when you go out if you are confident. No matter what you do, you have to be confident to look good. None but only you should have the key to your happiness.