Indraganti: Sammohanam wipes negative perception

Friday, June 8, 2018 - 20:15

Indraganti Mohana Krishna's film 'Sammohanam' is just a week away from release. The film's trailer has created good interest. He talks about how he has tried to clear the wrong perception that exists on film industry.

Are you positive about the film's success?

I have just watched the film and it has turned out more than the way I thought. Very rarely do things sit perfectly in a project and Sammohanam is that film where every department has clicked. The visuals, lead pair, and music, everything has fallen into their place perfectly. I am very positive about the film's outcome.

How was this story born?

Senior hero, Naresh plays a very interesting character who always loves movies. During the making of 'Golkonda High School', I happened to meet a similar kind of a person from whom I derived this story and made it into a love story. Sudheer plays Naresh's son who is dead against films and how a heroine comes in between the father and son and changes their life.

As the heroine is an actress, how did you showcase the cine field?

In every field, there are good and bad people and I have shown the same. There is a bad perspective about the heroines in the industry and our hero has the same feeling in the film. In the course of time, how the hero gets to know good about the film industry and supports the heroine and wins her heart is said in a beautiful way.

What kind of a love story did you showcase in the film?

As the hero falls in love with a heroine, the backdrop is movies and the narration will be interesting. Many facets of what people think about the film industry have been wiped out through the heroine's role. We will showcase the film industry for about 20 minutes and the rest of the film is a pure love story with beautiful family emotions.

'Ami Thumi' had fun quotient. What about this film?

The comedy is generated through the character of Naresh who loves movies and acting to death. There is good comedy generated through his role and Naresh's performance is one of the best in the film. I had a lot of doubts before casting him and he has done a superb job.

How good are Aditi Rao and Sudheer Babu performance wise?

After watching 'Cheliya', I right away decided that Aditi Rao will be my heroine. I called her up and narrated the script over the phone. She loved it and came on board. Coming to Sudheer Babu, he has astonished me with his performance. He is a very capable actor and one needs to tap his talent to get the best out of him.

When can we see you working with A-listers?

I never keep the hero in mind while writing my story. The stars come in later. For that matter, Allu Arjun and Vijay Devarakonda have shown interest to work with me. I have recently met Nagarjuna and Nani. The story is very important and once the stars like it they will come on board automatically.