Kalyan Krishna: I make films from the audiences' point of view

Saturday, May 19, 2018 - 14:00

Kalyan Krishna is aiming for a hat-trick. His last two films - 'Soggade Chinni Nayana' and 'Raarandoi Veduka Chuddam' - were blockbusters. His latest film 'Nela Ticket' starring Ravi Teja is making buzz all over. The film releases on May 25. The director says he makes films that he'd like to watch them as an audience in theater. Excerpts from the interview...

Nela Ticket is not a massy word

I have seen many films sitting in the Nela Ticket division (first bench in a movie theater). It has nothing to do with mass people. It is just an emotion of the normal people who enjoy their film without bothering about the logics in it. My Nela Ticket is also a feeling about a common man and is a complete family entertainer with all the due elements added in a strong dose.

This script was not made for Ravi Teja

Post the success of 'Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam', I wrote this script with another big hero in mind. But as things did not work out, I accidentally met Ravi Teja and narrated him this film. He okayed it within minutes and I did a lot of changes to match his image and comedy timing. Now, after seeing the film I feel that no one could have done this project better than him.

I deal with stars according to the stature

When I worked with Nagarjuna, he was a legendary actor and I blindly followed his suggestions. As I got a bit experienced while working with Chay, there was a good comfort level and I used to put my point across and made the film convincingly. But when it came to Ravi Teja, I had known him for years now and share a very close relation. I can very freely go up to him and narrate whatever I feel. It is only because of his speed that we wrapped up the film in record time.

Absolutely no effect of Touch Chesi Chudu on our film

Everybody is asking me will there be any effect of Touch Chesi Chudu's failure on our film. My answer to them is that Ravi Teja has given many hits and flops in the past and every film has its own journey.

You cannot stop Ravi Teja when he is in full flow

Many do not know that Ravi Teja has given life to several directors. He believes his directors blindly and goes full throttle while shooting for the film. His energy is infectious that you do not know when to cut the scene when he is in full flow. People like his comedy angle but his intensity angle is the best which was covered in Vikramarkudu. I have tried to tap both his strengths in 'Nela Ticket'.

Will meet Nagarjuna for Bangaraju project...

As you all know, I will be making Bangar Raju with Nagarjuna. The character of Banagaraju will be the same and a different story will be weaved around him. Things are on the move and very soon I will meet Nagarjuna and finalize things.

I am not here to experiment

Whenever you make a movie, a lot of stakes are involved as the producer and hero's reputation is at stake. I feel that both 'Rangasthalam' and 'Mahanati' were not experiments as they belong to a specific genre and have been told in a relaistic manner. I am making films which I like to watch. Two of my last films were hits only because of this factor and I feel that this film will also be a hit as I made it with a lot of conviction.