Lakshmi: Audiences are receptive to new ideas now

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 - 23:00

Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna has been experimenting. She keeps trying something new with each film. Her latest film ‘Wife of Ram’ falls in the genre of crime thriller. The film’s trailer has generated curiosity. She talks about the film in particular and career in general and also reveals about her political plans. Read to know more….

What do you have to say about the comparisons to Kaahani with W/o Ram?

Comparisons are always good and make you feel happy. In my case, as our film is being compared to ‘Kahaani’, I feel so proud of it and hope that my film also will be such a successful one. In other words, there is absolutely no comparison with that film and ours except for the fact that they are both thrillers.

Sum up the film for us?

I play the wife of Ram in the film and how a small incident involving my husband takes things to different lengths in the story. My role is of the person who works as an NGO and goes through tremendous stress. The proceedings are nail-biting and are narrated in a racy way. 

What made you accept Vijay's story?

I reluctantly heard the story but the moment, first ten minutes were narrated, I was hooked on to it in a flash. Even when Vijay was narrating, I was clear in my mind that at any cost I should produce this film and even started thinking as to how to go about my roles. Our film was selected for the film festival circuit and this shows how Vijay made the film.

Why didn't you do such concept-based films in the past?

It all depends on the audience. Our viewers watch content-oriented Tamil films when they are dubbed in our language. But when the same kind of film comes in Telugu, they ignore. That is the reason, I too was doing routine films and now that the perceptions of the audience have changed, I made this film.

What made you choose a not so popular actor in the form of Samrat as Ram?

When I did, ‘Dongata’, many said why Sesh in such a crucial role. The same is being talked about now once again. I never see the stardom of the actors but see their talent. Samrat is a good talent and now he is very famous because of Bigg Boss.

What was Mohan Babu's reaction to this film?

I did not show him the film as of yet. He does not like such thrillers and what if he says on my face that the film is bad. I don't want such negative reactions. Some of my friends have seen the film and they have liked it immensely and gave me good confidence.

When will you enter politics?

Initially, I had a thought but things have become worse now. I feel that I cannot survive in such an environment and would like to keep away from it as of now. When the right time comes, I might think about it later.