Megastar Chiranjeevi Unplugged

Monday, January 9, 2017 - 11:30

As Megastar makes a thorough comeback after many years, he talks about a range of questions in this elaborate interview. His comeback movie is 'Khaidi No 150' that is releasing on 11th Jan 2017 worldwide.


No politics:

Although the original has references to real-life scandals, 'Khaidi No. 150' has no references to politics.  

That's Pawan's style:

That has always been his style.  As for me, I am not joining any other party.  Both politics and cinema are avenues to reach out to people, either directly or otherwise.  What is apt for a given point of time, one chooses it. 

No obstruction at all:

It's not true that we were not let to hold the function. The grounds in Vijayawada were disallowed by a court order from holding non-official events. As for wrapping up the Jan 7th event early, it's because the police had already been stressed by the jostling crowds. The euphoria and fervour of the fans was understandable.

Can't react to such rumours:

If one goes on reacting to such rumours, it will be like they are setting the agenda.  It's not like one has to make it to every function.  In the age of technology, it's not easy to control (people from expressing their views). Self-regulation is only option.  People have to use their wisdom.  Perversion and venom-spewing is not appreciated by me.  The controversial headlines on You Tube don't make any sense.  On watching them, one finds there is nothing controversial!  Just for the sake of hits, they resort to all that.  In reality, we stars have a healthy competition.  Mahesh and Charan holidayed on New Year's eve. Akhil pays visit to our house now and then.  We have very good relations with NTR. I am happy that Charan follows his culture.  

Happy with Charan's career moves:

I am very happy with the way he has been choosing his films. He doesn't pick any and every film that comes his way.  He did 'Govindudu Andarivadele' with the aim of reaching out to family audiences. In 'Dhruva', his acting is very subtle, intense and matured.  

That fear is there in Mega heroes:

It's all very sportive amongst our family members. We don't see all this has competition. I am very proud of the way they are doing. They are also conscious that I am there like a watchdog. Nenu unnanu ane bhayam undhi vallalo.

A word on Mega heroes:

Charan is composed. Bunny is playful. Varun is a stable guy. Sai Dharam is bubbly. Niharika is tender. Everybody has a certain uniqueness.  

Never-say-die desire:

Any artiste would want to work till the end. As ANR garu once said, the desire in actor was never-dying. But an artiste has to be watchful of whether the public are receptive to him or not.  

No focus on records:

Honestly, I don't even learn about the collections, the number of prints/centres, etc. Once the last copy is ready, my focus is no more there. When I have no knowledge of it, how can I feel pressure?  Yes, it's true that the days of a film running for 50/100 days are over. It's more about openings now.

No regrets

I have no regrets about missing cinema while in politics. One just has to do the action one is meant to from time to time.  

Why remake?

I wanted to do a straight movie and in that attempt, I heard a number of stories for almost one year.  Although some of them did satisfy me, they were not up to the standards expected of my 150th movie.  Since I am doing a movie while in politics, just entertainment would not be appropriate.  Therefore, I was looking for a movie with a social message, something on the lines of 'Tagore' and 'Stalin'.  The time was running out.  Around that time, I happened to watch 'Kaththi', which satisfied all the criteria.  

'Acting is my forte'

There has been a stagnation in my political career. I am glad that I have been welcomed big-time by my fans and senior actors like Amitabh garu and Rajinikanth.  When so many wanted me to make a comeback, I thought, 'Why not?'  When I stood in front of the camera after all these years, I said to myself, 'Acting is my forte'.

I am not tensed.  The product has come out very well.  The monotony in 'Kaththi' has been done away with by infusing comedy situations.  Brahmanandam's character is a whole new addition, although Ali's character is there in the original.  The dialogues are totally different, although the situations are not new.  

Charan as the trainer

I was little skeptical about Charan's performance as a producer.  But he has done a very good job in spotting the right talent.  He has also been my gym trainer and dietitian, asking me not to consume carbohydrates.  

I had neglected my body care to an extent after entering into politics.  In the last one year, I have been working out regularly.  Not that I meditate.

Full meals for fans

'Khaidi No. 150' is full meals.  On the other hand, their aim is to be different in making 'GPSK'.  Balayya babu has scored his first success by choosing the subject.  By the way, every film has to do well because thousands depend on the industry either directly or otherwise.

Next films

I have kept a couple of stories in stand-by mode.  A film on Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy is one such.  Surender Reddy is keen on making a different story with me.  My 152nd movie will be with Boyapati Sreenu under Geetha Arts.  My focus for the rest of the year will be cinema and 'Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu'.  There is not much to be done in politics.

Sports films like 'Dangal', 'Sultan' and 'Guru' have been made.  I won't mind doing any kind of film, be it historical or mythological or sports drama.  As for doing six packs, should I compete with my son? (Laughs).  Well, if the script demands, I might do it.  It's not a big thing.  If I am given a year's time, I will do six packs.

- Interview by L Venugopal