My flop films won't impact Nela Ticket: Ravi Teja

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 - 14:00

Ravi Teja starrer ‘Nela Ticket’ will come to theatres this weekend. The actor talks about his film and why he relates to it. He also tells his personal choices when it comes to movies…

Tell us about your role?

For the first time in my career, you will see me playing the role of an orphan. He likes making relationships with people and treats all their problems as his and solves them in his own style. Kalyan Krishna has etched a superb role for me which is very new for me. As the hero is an orphan and comes from down under, he feels that he is from the Nela Ticket batch which consists of the common man. 

How is Nela Ticket different from other films with this storyline?

Nowadays, all the films have the same stories. There is no new story which has come out in the recent past and I feel that only the director's treatment is different and our Nela Ticket will have the style and elements of all Kalyan Krishna previous films. Our film is a revenge drama which is presented in a very new and entertaining manner.

What’s all the hue and cry about Pawan Kalyan controversy? 

Even I have seen so many tweets and news about Pawan Kalyan holding my pant. As it was a torn jeans, he was casually playing it with and it has been captured in a very wrong manner. I don't care what people think and what is written as it was done just for humor.

Do you relate to you character in Nela Ticket?

The aspect which attracted me to do the film was the way my role was written. He makes everyone his family and takes care of the senior citizens completely. I personally am that sort of a person who hates negativity. I am very fun loving and always want positive people around me all the time.

Will your flop films have any impact in this film?

Even if you give ten flops, they will not affect your latest release. If the film is good, the audience will automatically throng the theaters to watch the film. Nobody has time to think about what happened in the past as they are too busy with their hectic lives.

What kinds of film do you like?

Movies are my life and I don't have any have anything to do apart from them. I watch a lot of foreign language films when I am free and get inspired. Whatever I hear is good from my friends, I manage to watch it.

Tell us about Their remake?

I am doing the remake of Vijay's Theri and we have nicely set the film according to Telugu nativity. Close to 70% of the film has been changed and it will look completely new. Even my role will have new variations.

Are you ready to do films with debut directors ?

Many were asking me why I have been doing films only with young directors. There is no young or old for me as the script needs to impress me. Even if any debut director comes with a good script, I will have no qualms about doing a film with them. For every project, the script is the heart of the film.