Nagarjuna: Dream big is the new mantra

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 15:30

It's clear that 'Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam' is a matter of keeping a word given to his fans by Akkineni Nagarjuna. It's his pet project for sure.In this interview, the proud father talks about how Naga Chaitanya is evolving, what is in store in the movie, and much more.


A true teamwork:
I am happy with final output of 'Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam'. The end result came out so well because of the teamwork.Be it Kalyan Krishna, Sathyanand garu, GK Mohan gau, the technical team, including Devi Sri, everybody owned the movie. Sathyanand garu's vast experience gained over 35 years was very useful.He was there for 'Soggade Chinni Nayana' as well. Devi Sri took so much care that he was there in the editing room so that the RR could be enhanced later.

A complete family entertainer:
'RVC' is a family entertainer first. All kinds of audiences will like it. The kind of emotions seen in 'Ninne Pelladatha', which is a favourite of mine, is different compared to today's time.So, we have adapted to the new trend in making this movie.The relationship between the lead pair is very interesting.A girl hailing from a village, for example, is better exposed to the world today.

The catchy tagline and what it means:
(Laughs about 'Ammayilu aarogyaniki hanikaram') If you remember, 'Manmathudu' was hardly about the hero hating women.It was the reverse of what the tag line suggested.A line in the climax suggests that he is the true Rajakumarudu who looks after his girl like a queen.

Chaitu is expanding horizons:
An actor shouldn't be stuck in a zone. He has done a 'Premam'.And in 'RVC', he is playing such a lovely character that, after watching the movie, you will want a friend like him, a son like him, etc. May be because of Samantha, he has eased up a lot (Laughs). Now that he is 30, he is coming into his won. (Laughs again).

Father-son relationship:
The scenes between Jagapathi Babu and Chaitu are really beautiful.They are so much like how I and Chaitu converse. Nene chesi undocchu aa role ani evaro annaru ee madhya.

A new Rakul:
Rakul's mannerisms are very new.She may remind the audience of Sridevi and, to an extent, Tabu. We were surprised to see her expressions.

Following the director:
I told Chaitu to simply follow his director. Kalyan Krishna has his unique sensibilities.The 'yasa' (accent/dialect) he taught me for 'Soggade Chinni Nayana', I just imitated him.EVV Sathyanarana garu and Kondandarami Reddy garu would tell me to follow them during the making of 'Hello Brother' and 'President Gari Pellam', respectively. I was not sure whether I would be able to do those roles.I just followed their instructions.

Producer as a conductor:
As a producer, I played the role of a conductor who ensured everything was in place.Without being confident, one shouldn't take up something.A producer's mandate is not limited to supplying cash.He is expected to create the right environment for his team.I have learnt these lessons from my father. But this takes a lot of patience.I can do it once a year.It's not possible to do it on a continuous scale. (When someone else is the producer), it is not possible to involve.Nobody can be sure how a story is going to be converted onto the screen. 'I love you' can be said in a different way by each one of us. People ask me about how much collection I am expecting from a movie, but I tell them not to drag me into those clubs talk.

Samantha, the kodalu:
(Laughs). She is calling me 'mama' these days as 'mavayya' sounds pretty old.During the making of 'Manam', she would call me sir.

Playing Karna:
People are writing that I am going to play Karna in Mohanlal's 'Mahabharatha'.I don't know it as of now.Although the offer is there, it has to be seen if it will materialize. For me to play a small character, it has to be important for the story. If it's not important, I can't play. Vasudev Nair is one of the best screenplay writers out there. The idea to make this movie had been there since four years.I came in touch with Srikumar during the Kalyan Jewellers stint.

In near future:
The shooting of 'Raju Gari Gadhi-2' will take another 10 days to be completed.We will decide about the release date later. Akhil has shot for the action episodes of Vikram Kumar's movie.We will zero in on a Telugu title. There is a plan to do 'Bangarraju' with Kalyan Krishna.Story discussions are yet to begin.

Telugus have been surprising always:
The success of 'Baahubali' proves that dreaming big like Rajamouli has done is important.Telugu filmmakers have been surprising from time to time.There were films like 'Mayabazar', 'Adivi Ramudu' and 'Premabhisekham'.There was a time when there were only 100 theatres in the State.Today, there are about 2000 theatres in AP and Telangana.

Advise to sons:
I have asked them to focus on acting and not be into production.My advise to them is that they should first observe and learn.They are involving themselves in post-production works.