Akhil: Brand new trailer raises expectations

Monday, November 9, 2015 - 13:00

As the D-day is nearing, the team of Akhil has released a brand new theatrical trailer of the movie. This latest trailer has revealed the basic storyline. The trailer talks about some international gang is after Jua (a ball that has power of Sun) and hero Akhil goes to an African land to bring that Jua and what hardships he faces, why everyone is after this Jua is all about the movie. 
As the title of the movie say, it is all about the fight for the possession of Jua. Unlike the first trailer, this one is cut neatly that raising the expectations further and has mix of all elements of the movie - dialogues, songs, and action. 
Gelichina Vaadini Ee Generation Hero Antundi (Winner is being called as hero in this generation) is the dialogue that impresses. 
Check the trailer below..