Dasari declares Anushka as Mahanati

Monday, October 12, 2015 - 19:15

We have limited lead actors but actresses get introduced every year in 100's. Many of them don’t' even get noticed. And very few make an impact on a generation. After the demise of Soundarya, no actresses came near to be called as Mahanati (great actress). But Dasari feels we have now Anushka who can be treated as Mahanati. 
"I had seen her performing well in Arundhati but didn't feel that she is fine actress. After watching Gunasekhar's Rudhramadevi, I have changed my perception. She is Mahanati without doubt," Dasari heaped praise on Anushka. 
"In our film industry in the long history of all these years, only Savithri, Jamuna, Vanishree, Jayasudha, Sujatha have won the name of Mahanati. Anushka has joined their league. Hers is beautiful performance in Rudhramadevi." 

Anushka who was present while he praised her to the hilt thanked the director and said she would remember his words forever.