Get married at right age, says R Narayana Murthy

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 - 20:45

Senior actor R Narayana Murthy who is popular for movies with left orientation has a reason for regret. The actor is repenting that he did not get married. Narayana Murthy who is now in his 60s lived life on his own terms. He made films with leftist ideology. But now when he is in the twilight stage of his life, he is full of regret for not tying the knot.

"Whenever I get fever or feel ill, I think that I did big mistake of not getting married. I am increasingly feeling lonely. Lot of youngsters these days are postponing their marriage in the chase for better career prospects. But I warn them not to do so. Such things should be done at young age. Never postpone and repent later," he advised.

Narayanamurthy who acts in, directs and produces his own movies leads a pretty ordinary lifestyle in Hyderabad. He is famous for his blockbusters Erra Sainyam, Orey Rikshaa. The senior actor concluded with a wise advice that if you live for fame and popularity, you lose mental peace in life.