Has Shakalaka Shankar become nasty?

Thursday, March 17, 2016 - 00:30

Has Shakalaka Shankar become too big for his shoes? The comedian is said to be irritating the directors and producers with his nasty comments and unprofessional attitude. He is just climbing the ladder of success but he already seems to be thinking that he has reached the zenith. The recent small success he achieved seems to have gone to his head.

Upcoming directors and new filmmakers have started complaining that he is making satirical comments on them on the sets. He is said to be belittling the talents of new directors when they ask for a third or fourth take when they are not satisfied with the performance.

No wonder then that Pawan Kalyan has scolded him on the sets of ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ when the Powerstar found that Shakalaka Shankar is making nasty comments on key unit members. Pawan Kalyan reportedly told the comedian to behave properly. Pawan Kalyan doesn’t encourage unprofessional attitude from any artiste or technician. He doesn’t tolerate if someone belittles the director or team members.

Shakalaka Shankar has become popular by imitating Ram Gopal Varma on a TV show called ‘Jabardasth’ and this landed him in Tollywood. These days, he is being seen in most movies as a friend to young heroes or a petty thief. Though he has started getting some recognition now, his attitude is creating him problems. If he continues to act like this, in no time the same industry that is giving him chances would make him sit at home.

In film industry, not only talent but also the 'attitude' matters.