I am getting offers from Bollywood too, says Adivi Sesh

Sunday, March 20, 2016 - 16:30

Adivi Sesh, better known for his roles in films like 'Panjaa', 'Run Raja Run', 'Dongaata', and 'Baahubali', has made a mark for himself with Kshanam for the first time as a male lead. In this interview, the US-return actor talks about how Kshanam happened, life after the film, his future course of action, and more.  

How did Kshanam fall in place?

We wanted to make it in English on a small scale with zero budget. The idea was to send it to Cannes Film Festival later, However, when I met PVP garu, I told him that I have an idea.  When he was reluctant, I told him that he would lose 15 minutes in the worst case. When he listened to the story, he felt it's fabulous. In two days, he gave us this office to work. I am enjoying the success of Kshanam.  Even after four weeks, we added a few theatres yesterday. You can imagine!

Having written the story, why didn't you direct Kshanam?

After KISS flopped, I faced financial problems. I was in debts. For one week, many thoughts crossed my mind. I decided that I shouldn't do what I don't like. I feel I shouldn't do both acting and direction at once. As of now, I don't want to do both. I don't know what my thinking will be like after five years. I can't predict it now. I put aside all ego and did Kshanam.

What is the inspiration for Kshanam?

One day, I happened to find a five-year-old child seeking lift standing by a roadside. I took her and some other children to the school and chided the headmistress. I later chided the parents. When the parents told me they went to the school as children on foot and alone, I felt that lack of awareness was their problem. It triggered an idea in me. What happens when a baby goes missing?

Would you say that Kshanam is your brainchild?

Let me make it clear that Kshanam's screenplay was written by me and Ravikanth. Abburi Ravi's script guidance was very valuable. He elevated the script with his inputs.  Take the example of the scene where Vennela Kishore's character tells me, "Apudu pranam meeda asha saab. Ipudu pranam poyindi anna badha saab' when I ask him why he didn't tell me earlier. It's he who gave such inputs.

Has the credit gone mostly to you and not to Ravikanth Perepu?

Not true. I personally know how many offers Ravikanth has been getting from big producers. I am a direct witness to all that.

Is Kshanam a copied idea?

Not at all. It's totally original. Those who have such doubts, please come and sit with me. I will explain you why our film is not a copy of films like Kahaani, Gone Baby Gone, and Ugly.

When are you going to play the male lead again?

I have no such specifications. I want to be a good actor, not a hero or a villain in specific. SV Ranga Rao garu is my all-time favourite actor.  

What is your role in Oopiri? Is it true that you are paired up with Anushka?

I am doing a cameo in this film. My role is very short. I won't divulge anything more.

Post Kshanam, what kind of offers have you got?

I have been offered two Bollywood films, among others.I haven't taken a call as yet.

Who is remaking Kshanam in Bollywood? Is it true that Salman Khan will reprise your role?

Sajid Nadiadwala has acquired the remake rights for a fancy price. As for who the hero is, I have no clue. Like others, I am learning it from websites.