I keep Telugu language in mind, says Suriya

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 - 10:00

Actor Suriya has pan-South India appealing. Ever since his ‘Ghajini’ became a big hit, he has struck chord with the audiences in all South Indian states. Since then he has been regularly releasing his movies in Telugu by dubbing them into our language.

Recently, he has developed huge fan base in Kerala. So, he is releasing his Tamil movies in Kerala directly in big way. "I have consciously decided to pick up scripts that appeal to all these three languages people. Glad that today filmmakers are approaching me with novel subjects that has universal themes," he said.

He is so confident that his upcoming release ‘24’, directed by Vikram Kumar, will not only be appreciated but turns a bit hit. "The credit goes to Vikram Kumar, as he has special knack for telling a movie so entertainingly. His scripts are unique but he narrates them that is entertaining to the common audiences," Suriya praises his director.

In '24', Suriya plays three characters but the role of Athreya is unique, he adds.