Maa Aayana Bangaram, says Ali's wife

Monday, November 9, 2015 - 19:45


After Women's organizations protested against Ali for his comments about Anushka at a recent audio release, the star comedian publicly apologized. He clarified that he did all that for some laughs to lighten the mood in the auditorium.
"My intention was not to hurt either Anushka or any woman. It was comment made for fun. Still I apologize for hurting the sentiments of women," he said when women protested in front of his hotel in Vishakapatnam recently. 
On the other hand, Ali's wife Zubeda came in support of her husband. She said her husband respects women. "He is gentleman. Since he is comedy actor, he did that for laughs. Why people are targeting him," she lambasted. She said they are hurt with comments made about them on social media.