Manchu Manoj praises director Dasaradh

Thursday, March 3, 2016 - 16:45

Manchu Manoj's new film is Shourya. The movie is releasing on 4th March. He interacted with the media on the eve of its release.

Did you have any apprehensions before doing a role like this?  Since the hero doesn’t have punch lines, doesn’t warn, doesn’t do stunts, etc, were you skeptical?

The lack of such elements is compensated for by the genre – thriller. And I might have entertained doubts had Dasaradh not come with a bound script. The way he narrated everything to me – right from my introduction to the second half and climax – I was sure that it will work. I simply asked him to translate what he narrated on to the celluloid.  He did a better job than what I expected. 

There are two shades to my character. There is good and bad in everyone of us. You should watch the film to know what it is. The concept is that there is more than one point of view. That’s how the story goes. Five years or so down the line, I will be very proud that I did a film like this. 

In fact, Dasaradh found it very difficult to make the trailer. We wanted to keep the core part a suspense. The suspense unfolds slowly from the tenth minute itself. You will really love it. After coming out of the theatre, you will say, ‘Wow! How could the director handle the subject?’ There are no loose ends. The screenplay is very tight and gripping. 

Two other movies are releasing on March 4. 

The audience are watching 4-5 films even if they release around the same time if they are good. I have been tweeting about Kalyana Vaibhogame and Guntur Talkies, in fact. Even they are promoting my film in social media. Nandini, Naga Shourya are like friends.  And Praveen Sattaru is a cool buddy of mine.

Like your brother, are you interested in doing business?

No!  But I like to fund education of the needy by partnering with some.  My brother takes care of the business.  But my wife has some business ideas.  She wants to begin from the scratch. 

Are you going to remake any of your father’s films? 

I am not ready for that.  In an informal chit-chat, we just coined the idea of S/o Pedarayudu and next day, it was all over in the media!  Actually, nothing has happened on that front. 

Your upcoming films?

RGV's 'Attack' will release after this. We wanted the producer of 'Attack' to benefit from Shourya. My next film will go on the floors in the last week of April.  I will shed 8 kilos since I have put on weight for Shourya. You will see a new look.  So, I am going to take some break for the next few weeks.