Pawan Kalyan's speech: 5 Highlights you shouldn't miss

Saturday, August 27, 2016 - 22:30

The Tirupathi address by Pawan Kalyan has given several highs to his legion of fans. Here are the Top Five highlights you shouldn't miss:

Pawan will continue to act:

The actor has categorically said that he will continue to act. In an interview prior to the release of 'Sardaar Gabbar Singh', Power Star had said that he could quit cinema any time. But today's public statement is in contradiction to what he had said only a few months ago. Whatever it is, Pawan's fans are happy.

He spoke about something personal:

When was the last time you heard Pawan speak about his personal life, especially his wife/child?  He did that today. Just as he talked about separation with Renu Desai during the launch speech of Jana Sena Party in 2014 in the course of something, he talked about his new wife's intention to grow up their daughter as a Christian. "My wife wanted daughter baptised by Russian Orthodox Diocese. I am happy with that decision. God is in different forms. I am a Hindu and my daughter is a Christian", he said.

He spoke about equations with rival stars:

Without taking names, Pawan said that he has good equations with rival stars. Saying that he doesn't take films too seriously, the star said that his fans too shouldn't take his movies or stardom seriously.  

He imitated politicians:

In his inimitable style, Pawan imitated politicians in the context of their playing "gulamgiri' with the Centre's biggies.  "They say 'Madam, please Madam' and 'Sir, please Sir", he said in a light-veined manner while making sure to imitate the body language of politicians doing that.  

Packed a punch, Pawan-style:

As he did in the past, Pawan peppered his long speech with a language couched in metaphorical and such language.  Below are some of them. 

  • 'Villu nunchi vacchina banam, noti nunchi vacchina mata venakki teesukolem'
  • Naku cinemala meeda vyamoham ledu.  Samajam, desham meeda vyamoham undhi'.
  • 'Nenu bhajana chestanu.  Modi garidi kadu, prajaladi.  Nenu prajala thothuni'. 
  • 'Rashtranni addagoluga vidagotti, prathyeka hodha istamani, ippati varaku ivvani kendranni konni adigi telchukunta'.